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by Gran Mal

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We recorded this in two days with the Wizard known only as Phil Jennings. Subsequent mixing took perhaps another day or so. All in all I'm pretty damn happy with the results.


released May 11, 2012

Ben - Guitar/vocals Nate - Bass Colin - Drums. Recorded by Phil Jennings, damn he's a tight dude. Mixed and Mastered by Gran Mal and Phil Jennings. All songs by Gran Mal except "How Many?" and "New Product" (Task Force) and "Shoe Factory Worker" (Shoe Factory).




various Columbia, Missouri

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Track Name: Anomie
Sifting through my days with every notion that is far and that is fleeting
Trying, though in vain, to find reason-to find semblance, of a day
Circumvention is all the resides inside my longing
Shackled to the sickness we try and break out with a tool of our dismay, but all the while there's a ringing in my ears that says:

Just go back, forget about it, you'll never make it, it's a waste of time
There is no weakest link in the chains that we built this time
You're crazy, you're stupid, you fuckin' fool go fall in line
Just go back, everything's perfect, stop trying to rabble rouse within the ranks, you owe us an apology and a thanks

But it was you that said that joke was funny
You said that wheels where turning
You said you'd pay off all yearning in small faint doses of a processed smile
Small faint doses of a processed smile
Ask me to laugh? It might take a while
I'm not even smiling, this joke isn't funny.
Track Name: Dissent
What's the price we pay?
Well I'll tell ya', it's personal freedom
That is the right to choose and defend who we are
Now it's shattered in peices, lying on the ground

Now guts fall out your ass, how could you just laugh
You didn't defend a nation, you just raided and sacked
So as you're dying now, was it worth it
To patrol the world and gain no knowledge?
That's fucking absurd

Military preys on fear and promotes a campaign based on hate
Using "God and Country" to foment false conciousness ideals
This seems common knowledge yet people insist upon joining, why?
Engrained in the fervor of Nationalistic zeal?
Or a poverty draft?

It's a knee jerk reaction
Now goose step and get ready to kill
With sick satisfaction
You're not even human!
Gave up on your life and free will
Killing for liars!
Track Name: New Product/Shoe Factory Worker

My new face molds like clay
If it betray I'll just wipe it away
In case you think it's a trend
Just try and pretend that it's not

5.99 is not the only price
5.99, negate the value of your life

Will we buy the product?
Fuck no!
We'll throw it way!
Yes we will!


Maybe with some things we see it doesn't seem likely that we can invite change
But maybe if these gardens do grow we won't even have to stand for change, we'll all get up and dance upon a grave of limitation, no resignation at last

I hope to see you there
Or maybe in 100 years we're all gonna habve a scream you know what I mean?
All is well
How can we say all is well?

Maybe if we freed ourselves we wouldn't be subject to restrainst of someone else
Whose face we never did see
I feel that's like living in a dream i won't be part of that scheme, I'm not gonna walk around with my eyes close in a brave new worlds and that's for sure

I hope to see you there
Maybe in 100 years we're all gonna have a scream you know what I mean?
All is well
How can we say all is well if we look around?
Track Name: Verstehen
We won't push you away and we won't hold you down
But if you try and fuck with us your body won't be found
Community institution, the only one that lasts
As Empires and Religions fall in the future and the past

Understanding, that's verstehen (oh oh)
Understanding communication (oh oh)
Understanding, that's verstehen (oh oh)
Do you understand what it is I'm saying
I hope so

Shedding all my old skin
Embracing all these new ways
Won't be beat down or betrayed
Because we will win
All prevail
And use our minds
That's what this entails

That's okay if you disagree, I won't fuck with you if you don't fuck with me and my mind.
Track Name: Breeding Plague
Is romance a breeding program started by the state and church to keep us coralled like cattle at work?
Promoting the interest of a few
Who say work, work, work, then cave in; all the while a shit eating grin
And for what? To pass on a name?
What's in a name anyway? Promoting pollution for the future's insane
We're selfish fucking assholes
Consume till resources are gona and caugh it out in a cacophonous swan song!

I don't care what you say you better wrap it up
Avoid the zygote or we're all fucked
Love as an industry exploiting our instincts
Detached from nature but we're all animals
We're so fucking arrogant, it's so incredible
I'm so jaded, is there a Hallmark card for this
I didn't think so...
I didn't think so now I'm losing my mind, headed to the slaughter I've got a right to die, is there any other way to pay for these crimes? I don't fucking think so
Track Name: Ask First
There's a reserved little pocket inside of us all
A solemn place of solitude that nobody saw
And that's okay, but we're surveiled as we walk to our homes
In this way we are assailed and nobody knows
We're in line at the airport waiting to be groped
It's a sick perversion and by now I had hoped
That we'de cast off these false notions of security and realize what's happening inside you and me!

Don't you step through these walls, you better ask first!
Or you get nothing at all
Neurotic strange jerk, you're just sketching a flaw

Nobody has the right to move and nobody has the right to choose when all you ever wanna do is act like you got something to prove and be an agressive, be an agressive, be an aggressive fucking dickhead
Track Name: How Many?
Chips and fuckin' soda, I stole it?!
"You're receipt boy is just invalid"
Meet that precious quota or lose
All your funding to raid and abuse

What do you want from me?
I won't suck your dick to be free
I wanna turn my head and just run away from you
Why are you shining that light in my eyes?
Do I harnass a deranged criminal mind?
Or do you want me temporarilly blind
to boot stomp my face?
Or unload your mace
Into my face?
Will I be shot or be tased, I don't know!!

How many lives must be retired before your heinous abuse of power expires
Slap cuffs on in the mirror if you're looking for crime
How about you take a fuckin' beating and still pay your fine!

Stop salting our wounds or you'll lay in ruin
No apathy for the masses anymore, we're pissed off not doomed
You just rely on what you're told and for you bloodeshed is gold
We'll ensure this economy will collapse, we won't be bought or be sold, fuck no!